Z6867 – Modern American Viola Music

Released March 11th, 2014

Maggie Snyder: viola
Timothy Lovelace: piano

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Modern American Viola Music
Maggie Snyder

Stephen Paulus
Seven for the Flowers Near the River
1. The riverside flowers are driving me crazy
2. Flowers in crowds, shoals, galazxies
3. A few here where the river is deep and the bamboos quiet
4. Flowers in lost smoke
5. Flowers engulfing the path: thousands weighing in branches
6. Butterflies move pause move pause: it’s a dance
7. You flowers have pity on a white haired man

Christopher Theofanidis
8.  Flow my Tears

Garrett Byrnes
9. Capriccio Improvviso

Kenji Bunch
Suite for Viola and Piano
10. Rhapsody
11. Scherzo
12. Lament, Cadenza
13. Allegro