Released June 14th, 2021

Steven Kimbrough: Baritone
Richard Kennedy: Tenor
Courtenay Budd: Soprano
Elizabeth Linnartz: Tenor

Harpsichord: Berverly Biggs
                         Polly Brecht
Cello:               Bonnie Thron
                         Julia Emheiser Bartless

Mary K. Jackson: Music Composer
Charles Wesley & Samuel Wesley: Writer


Festival Songs

Steven Kimbrough


           Hymns on the Great Festivals (1746)
Johann Friedrich Lampe / John Frederick Lampe

Volume 1

1.  “Thanks Be to God Alone”
2. “Angels Speak, Let Men Give Ear”
3. “Father of Hearts, We Lift”
4. “Away with Our Fears”
5. “With Pity, Lord, a Sinner See”
6. “Hearts of Stone, Relent, Relent”
7. “All Ye that Pass By”
8. “Lamb of God Whose Bleeding Love”
9. “Rejoice, the Lord is King!”
10. “Happy Magdalene, to Whom”
11. “Jesus, Shew us Thy Salvation”
12. “Hail, Jesus, Hail, our Great High-Priest”

Volume 2

1. “Hail the Day that Sees Him Rise”
2. “Sinners, Rejoice, Your Peace is Made”
3. “Jesus, Dear Departed Lord”
4. “Jesus, We Hang Upon the Word”
5. “Spirit of Truth, Descend”
6. “Hail, Holy, Holy, Holy Lord”
7. “O Love Divine, How Sweet Thou Art!”
8. “Sinners, Obey the Gospel-Word”
9. “Ah! Lovely Appearance of Death!”
10. “Ye Servants of God”
 11. “’Tis Finished, ’Tis Done!”
12. “Head of the Church Triumphant!”