AJ0149 – Afro-Cuban Dream . . . Live & In Clave!!!

Bobby Sanabria: drums, akpwon, morua, vocals

Bobby Sanabria Big Band
Rhythm Section 

Wilson “Chembo” Corniel: congas
Roberto Quintero: bongo & cencerro, shekere
Hiram “El Pavo” Remon: maracas, guiro macho, shekere, vocals
John di Martino: piano
Boris Kozlov: acoustic bass & electric bass (track 9)

Karolina Strassmayer: lead alto, soprano, vocals
Gene Jefferson: 2nd alto, guataca, vocals
Peter Brainin: 1st tenor
Jay Collins: 2nd tenor, soprano saxophones, pre-Columbian flute
Ricardo Pons: baritone, shekere, vocals

Michael Philip Mossman: 1st & 2nd
John Walsh: 1st & 2nd, vocals
Tim Ouimette: 3rd & 1st (track 9)
Tanya Darby: 4th

Dr. Chris Washburne: 1st & 2nd, clave, guataca, vocals
Barry Olsen: 1st & 2nd , guataca, vocals
Joe Fiedler: 3rd & 1st (track 8)
Dan Levine: bass

Special Guests
John Stubblefield: tenor saxophone (tracks 4,5,9)
Candido Camero: congas (track 9)

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Afro-Cuban Dream . . . Live & In Clave!!!
Bobby Sanabria

1. The Opening: 
     A. Praise To The Creator & Ancestors
     B. In The Time Of The Colony 
     C. Telemina 

2. Moss Code
3. Angel Eyes
4. Nuyorican Son
5. Olokún/Yemayá 
6. Adios, Mario
7. The Troubadours
8. Donna Lee
9. Manteca