Released January 19th, 2018

István Alapi: guitar, electric sitar, oud, keyboards, vocal
Gergö Mits: bass
Szilárd Banai: drums
János Nagy: piano, synthesizer
Mrk Beke: synthesizer
Csányi István: saxophone
Zoltán Lantos: indian violin
Harun Al Rashid Jr.: percussion


Inner Vortex
István Alapi

1. Ghostbusters
2. Dance With The Daemon
3. Bob!…Don’t Worry…
4. Inner Vortex
5. Dear 70’s
6. My Sweet Memories
7. Sunset
8. The 1001st Night After
9. Over The Gate Of The Golden Country
10. New York 3 AM
11. New York 3 AM 2020 Bonus