Released February 14th, 2023

Seán Matthew Deible


Choral Works of American Masters
Seán Matthew Deibler

1 Cherubic Hymn, Op. 37
2 Lumen in Christo: I. Largo
3 Lumen in Christo: II. Andante
4 Harvest Home Chorales: I. Harvest Home
5 Harvest Home Chorales: II. Lord of the Harvest
6 Harvest Home Chorales: III. Harvest Home
7 The Last Words of David
8 Alleluia
9 Ode to the Virginian Voyage: I. Sinphonia, II. You Brave Heroic Minds
10 Ode to the Virginian Voyage: III. And Cherfully at Sea, IV. Fanfare and St. Annes
11 Ode to the Virginian Voyage: V. And in regions far VI. Fuga: Thy voyages attend VII. Finale: Go and subdue