Released June 12th, 2022

Wendy Griffiths


Views From The Keyboard
Wendy Griffiths

1. Three Views from Mexico: I. Warrior
2. Three Views from Mexico: II. Rainforest
3. Three Views from Mexico: III. Hotel Palenque
4. Rogue Taxidermy: I. Consider the Hortle
5. Rogue Taxidermy: II. Tortitude
6. Rogue Taxidermy: III. Moth Frog
7. Rogue Taxidermy: IV. Meowl
8. Rogue Taxidermy: V. Lone Wolf
9. Rogue Taxidermy: VI. Lunar Mothfish
10. Rogue Taxidermy: VII. March of the Pengupines
11. Rogue Taxidermy: VIII. Zebra Prawn Blues
12. The Sheltering Suite: I. My Corona
13. The Sheltering Suite: II. Jumping Bean
14. The Sheltering Suite: III. Climbing the Walls
15. The Sheltering Suite: IV. Dream Dance
16. The Sheltering Suite: V. Lamentation
17. The Sheltering Suite: VI. Danse Mechanique
18. Christmas, 1989
19. Seven Places in America: I. Los Angeles
20. Seven Places in America: II. Miami
21. Seven Places in America: III. Tucson/San Francisco
22. Seven Places in America: IV. New York
23. Seven Places in America: V. Isle au Haut
24. Seven Places in America: VI. Chicago
25. Four Strong Winds: I. Boreas
26. Four Strong Winds: II. Zephyr
27. Four Strong Winds: III. Eurus
28. Four Strong Winds: IV. Notos