Released AprilĀ 17th, 2012

Wendy Griffiths: keyboards, vocals, bass
Grace Pullia: vocals, percussion, kaossi lactor
Jen Rondea: theremin, vocals, keyboard
Yuzuru Sadashig: guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals
David Oromaner: drums, percussion, vocals, trumpet


In Flight
Changing Modes

  1. Particle Collider
  2. Life Drawing
  3. Ghost in the Backseat
  4. Nature of the Beast
  5. Reflection
  6. Down to You
  7. Blue
  8. Knock Once
  9. The Politics of Fear
  10. Professional Girl
  11. Firewall
  12. Thunderwing
  13. To the Left
  14. Chinatown
  15. Houses of Cards
  16. In Flight